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Superman: The Legend & His Many Incarnations

Superman has been an icon to the world since his debut in 1938. It's hard to believe that this fantastic hero that has mesmerized us for decades came from the mere imagination of high school students Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster in 1933. Little did these two talents know that their creation would grow as big as he has.
Since his creation Superman has gone through many incarnations, played by different actors, each one better than the last. Well, almost. For the first time I watched the original Superman films starring Christopher Reeve so I invite you to take a journey with me through time as I give my thoughts on each portrayal and storyline. (*Note: For the ladies there is much eye candy to take in here as we know that Superman is also quite the looker.)

Bud Collyer was the first to bring the man of steel to life in the radio series The Adventures of Superman in 1940 but eight years later in 1948, fans would see the man of steel in he LIVE action movie serial, Superman. In his…